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Writing good essays is something that all students are required to do but something that only a few students have the skills and motivation to do. While most students really want to get help with essays that will result in good grades, there are only a few who actually get those good grades. Teachers and professors are not “quick” to give those coveted “A’s” and “B’s” unless the writing demonstrates appropriate topic selection, solid research, and careful thought, along with superior composition and grammar skills. Indeed, most instructors plan ahead of time that only a small percentage of students will actually be given above-average grades in their coursework writing assignments. If you want to be in that small percentage, you have work ahead of you – hours of work for each essay you produce! Or you have to find a professional custom writing essay service to do it for you.

Careful research into potential sources of writing will reveal that not all custom online essay services have been created equal. You will know this because you will side a great variance in prices, practices, and promises. Of course, all of them will promise custom essay paper works and top quality; all of them will promise that they have great writers; and all of them will promise to produce writing that will get you a good grade. A more careful look will reveal much to be read between the lines as you study the websites of these agencies:

  1. If the promise original and customized writing, what are they charging? Doe the price reflect what a professional writer would work for? Use common sense and understand that a really cheap essay price means pre-sold essays and papers. Nothing is original about them, except maybe when they were first written, numerous customers ago! Our custom essay paper service, on the other hand, charges a reasonable price, has a writer complete your order from scratch, and we deliver that order to only one person ever – you;
  2. Check out the promise of qualified writers. If a site really has writers with legitimate degrees who are able to prepare quality essays and papers, then they should be willing to let you speak directly with the one chosen to handle your order. Most will not allow this, coming up with all sorts of reasons, but, in fact, the reason is they do not have such writers. We, on the other hand, insist that customer and writer speak with one another. This kind of communication means that the customer gets what s/he wants the first time around, and that the writer is not faced with re-writing a finished piece, having forgotten some of the customer’s initial instructions;
  3. How can you contact the owners and administrators of the site?  Is it only through email and submission of an order form? This tells you that there is probably not a customer service staff ready to respond to your questions. We, on the other hand, “man” our offices 24 hours a day and always have a real person ready to respond;
  4. Is there service after the sale? Usually not. Once you have your essay or paper, you are forgotten even if you are not happy with it. They have your money, and that’s all that matters. In our case, however, we ask for feedback on your experience and on the quality of the writing you received; moreover, we honor your requests for revisions; we want you back again while they don’t care.

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