Custom Editing Services at

Many of our customers, who use our online essay writing service, are not aware that we offer a full range of editing service as well. Because our wonderful writers are so skilled at what they do, the majority of them can provide both writing and editing services in their academic fields of expertise. Thus, a student can buy original, from scratch writing, or for a comparatively cheap price, buy editing of a work that s/he has produced but which may need an objective analysis for structure, coherency, format, grammar, linguistic soundness, and correction of mechanical errors.

If you will place an order for editing service and upload the work you have completed (along with any specific instructions), we will hand it over to a writer/editor who will perform a full audit of its merits. 

Editing that Alters Content or Content Organization

If, during the professional editing service, your personal editor should find structural or organizational errors, s/he will make adjustments and alterations of your content and submit those to you directly for your review and comment. Unless you approve of these changes, they will not be finalized. It is important that customer and editor remain n contact during this entire process, and we have a messaging system on each customer’s personal account page that provides for this direct communication.

Paper Editing Service that Correct Grammar, Usage, Vocabulary

This type of editing is really proofreading and involves compositional English editing. Generally, these errors will simply be corrected without consultation with the customer, for they do not change the actual content of the piece. This part of our editing service is for polishing the final product, so that it is reflective of excellent formal English writing skills.

Major Graduate Work Editing

If you need thesis or dissertation editing services, we will assign a Ph.D. field specialist to work with you. Contact and open communication is expected, so that these critical and complex works remain pure in their content and yet are reviewed for both soundness of arguments and logical presentation of research, data, methodology, and results. Of course, correction of grammar, usage and mechanics goes without saying!

Now that you know we can provide editing service, performed by professionals and at such a reasonable price (and we accomplish it quickly!), place an order, upload your paper, and let ensure that it is perfect!