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To find essay writing help that is truly reliable and trustworthy, a student must carefully look at how a company presents itself on its website, the process it uses to take an order, fulfill that order, and deliver it to you, and its care for you after that delivery. If they are truly a responsible and trusted company, they will have policies and practices in place that guarantee great quality and top-of-the-line customer service.

Probably the first thing to do when considering a specific company for essay assistance is to perform a simple “Google” search by company name. You should be able to see relatively quickly if there are lots of complaints about the quality and/or services. When you find lots of these, do not even consider using the service. Many people who are unhappy with a company’s product do not post complaints at all, so if there is a substantial amount that considers it at least doubled by those who have not posted!

Essay help that is professional will not be provided by a company whose website is filled with English composition errors. Read the content of the site pages carefully. Errors in sentence structure, misplaced modifiers, and wrong verb tenses indicate the company is foreign-based. Nothing is wrong with that, for the company may hire native English-speaking writers, but, if they are attempting to appeal to an English-speaking market, perhaps they should have had one of their writers compose their site content as well. Poor English on a site is certainly a sign of laziness and lack of attention to detail. Are these the people you want to use to get the best research essay help possible?

How can you contact the company? Does it have a phone number and a live chat option? If they use only email or a non-live contact option on the site, you may not be able to communicate with a real person at all. This is a problem is you have immediate questions or issues! Do they set their customers up with a personal account and allow at least messaging through that account? If not, beware.

Does the company have a “terms and conditions” and a “privacy policy?” What are its policies regarding customer satisfaction? Do they ask for feedback after the sale? A trustworthy online custom essay will have all of these things and will have methods by which an unhappy customer can achieve redress and satisfaction. Companies that do not ask for feedback, however, do not care about the customer’s experience, nor do they use those experiences to inform their own improvement.

How does the company address plagiarism? Most do not, other than with statements about their no plagiarism practices. The best essay companies will let you know that they use modern software to check writing authenticity.

What does the order form look like? Can you give all sorts of detailed instructions? If not, how do you get a custom piece of writing?

Writing essay and paper products that are clearly superior requires superior and highly talented writers who hold authentic degrees and who are experienced in academic writing. Companies that will not allow customers to converse with their writers should be looked upon with suspicion. What are they hiding? If you buy essay help from them, you will probably get a great cheap price, but you will not get a personally assigned qualified writer!

When you check our writing company against all of these criteria, you will see why we are the best pick for any student!