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Are you looking for some stellar writing help?

Are you not sure what is essay writing for your level of study?

Let us explain to you what a really “high-end” online custom essay company “looks” like!

Selection Options

We know that there are thousands of online essay companies from which to choose. We also know that you will want to choose that option that best fits your needs. Like any other product-driven business, quality ranges from quite low to quite high. Prices do as well. We believe we are the best of all of your selection options because we have, without question, the highest quality for the most reasonable price. NO, we are not a cheap price service, for those do not focus on quality. Sending students previously sold writing means nothing to them. They make a profit each time the same piece is sold. This means nothing but trouble for students!


We take customer privacy concerns very seriously and have developed a privacy policy that spells out exactly how we protect customer information. No one need ever know that a student has used our service unless the student him/herself chooses to disclose it. Other services are not so careful!

Top-Rated Writers

We recruit and hire only the best. Our writers come from well-known colleges and universities with degrees that, together, cover all academic disciplines. These degrees range from Bachelor’s through Ph.D.’s, so that we can provide the best essay writing to anyone who comes to our online custom essay company for help. We pay our writers well because we want to keep them! In return, they make us proud with their superior research and writing production.

Covering All Academic Disciplines

There are so very many fields of study today, and new fields are added continuously. Fifty years ago, there was no such thing as computer science or environmental engineering; moreover, quantum physics was in its infancy. As the disciplinary areas of study expand, so does our writing staff, so that we may always offer students superior research and writing in virtually any area of academic study, and, as well, at any level of that study. Other cheap price companies cannot do this.


Our online custom essay company builds trust by treating customers well and fairly and by delivering exceptional and plagiarism-free writing. And that trust pays off because customers continue to return for additional high school and college essays. They know we deliver what we promise. It takes a long time to earn trust in this industry, and we will never jeopardize that trust with shoddy quality or service.

Many other services never earn trust of customers, who use them only one time and then “run for the exits” because of their bad experience.

Format and Citation Styles

Customer should be able to designate the style that they required, and a good essay writing service will always honor that designation. Writers should be familiar with all styles, so as to be able to use them accurately. Inferior companies, many of whom are selling old and well-used writing do not care. Their customers will get whatever style in which the work was originally produced.

The Issue of Plagiarism

Plagiarism is common in this industry, because there are so many unethical people in it. Unfortunately, the majority of essay and paper products that students receive do contain plagiarism, either in part of in whole. Poor foreign students, cutting and pasting parts of works from different databases are not concerned with plagiarism; they are concerned with meeting the deadlines of the companies they work for and getting the low wage for which they are willing to work. Plagiarism also refers to the selling of the same produced work over and over again. Other companies do this regularly. 

We have a quality control system in place, with plagiarism-detection software in use, that checks and re-checks for plagiarism, and our writers know full well that we will not tolerate it. When you buy essays and papers from us, you can rest assured that plagiarism will never be an issue.

Delivery on or Before the Deadline

This is our mantra! There is little point in producing a quality piece of writing for a student and then delivering it late. When the student is late, he suffers a lowered grade, sometimes even an “F.” We will meet your deadline, no matter what it takes! A good essay writing services company will put deadline commitment at the top of its priority list.