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There are many reasons why I should go to school. To be perfectly honest, school is not always fun. However, there are enough reasons for me to go to school. At first, I used to think that there was really no need to go to school and that the world would provide an even better opportunity for me to learn. I felt that the school environment was probably not the best since the school imposes sort of forced connections on children; and the children have to be stuck with these connections their entire life. In my opinion, it is better to let the child seek and make his or her own connections in life, the type that he or she prefers.

These opinions I held have, however, changed; and this essay now looks at the various reasons that I have discovered that make it important for me to go to school. I have come to find out that school is an important place where I will be able to form connections which are far beyond my family. I will even make acquaintances with adults who will guide and mentor me through the life. I have understood that it is worth studying at school. At school, my knowledge has been and continues to be expanded. I now know so many things that I did not know both in the sciences and humanities (Ehrenberg, 2004).

School has also made me more aware of the people surrounding me. I have learnt more about the society in which I live: the norms, the expectations, and generally accepted behavior. Mostly, this societal awareness has come as a result of studying the history of the community in which I live. I have come to know where this community has come from in order to understand the changes which have made the society what it is today. By learning about the past, I have also come to realize the mistakes that may have been made by those before me so that I do not repeat the same mistakes. I am able to fit better in the society as a result of this same societal awareness.

School has also enhanced my interpersonal relationships. There, I have made new friends. People I could probably never have met if it was not for school. Some of these bonds I believe will last a lifetime. School has also created in me ayearning for knowledge. I now have a desire to learn new things each day, and I have both time and opportunity to do just that. I have the library at my disposal I am able to learn new things. 

I cannot say that going to school is fun at all times. There are days I have to really struggle to get out of bed and to go to school. There are those days when I have to get up, and I wish I could simply stay in bed. This used to happen at the beginning. As I grow up, however, I begin to appreciate the importance of school and the fact that I need to go to school to gain knowledge. For thousands of years, mankind has been ruling the world. In the 1760s, there was a scientific revolution, and since then, the technology in the world has progressed at a very fast pace. With the progression of technology, different careers have been coming up. Anyone who wishes to become a part of these technological advances in the various fields must be ready to learn about them. This can only happen in school (Cameron & Heckman, 2001).

This brings me to my next point which states that school is important because it prepares us for our careers of choice. Take me, for example, I wish to become a medical doctor. In order to achieve that dream, I realize that I have to start getting good grades now. I will have to especially focus on the sciences as these will be important for my career in medicine as soon as I leave high school. To be a specialist in any field or industry, I realize one must be ready to study those subjects that are relevant to that particular industry. A person who wants to become a professional artist, for example, must be ready to spend hours in the art room to achieve his goal. In this respect, school is important for our careers.

Society today puts a lot of emphasis on formal education as a proof that one has the necessary skills to perform a particular task. If one intends to be employed in the job market and yet does not attend high school or does not go to college, he or she is likely not to get the dream job. Before any reputable employer offers me a job, he or she will definitely require my Curriculum Vitae. The Curriculum Vitae must clearly show what I have studied and in what schools I studied. If I am to get the job of a doctor, I must first of all complete high school with excellent grades after which I should get accepted into a medical school before I can be allowed to practice medicine.

School is not all about academics, there are also life lessons to be learned there. Teachers in schools do not only teach children academic subjects, they also teach the children norms and better living and socializing patterns in the society. The teacher acts as a mentor to the children, presenting those values that are important for life. There are certain norms and expected behaviour in each community. These values are better when inculcated in children when they are young. By going to school, I have acquired values which will help me associate better with other people in the society.

In addition, school is the place where members who are new to the society can learn to adapt to the new lifestyles and manage the changes in their lives. When these children who are new to society interact with other children from the community, they get to learn the societal expectations. They are also able to make new friends who will help them fit better into the society. Friends are important in the lives of youth, and the peers are able to influence the behaviour and lifestyle of the new members of the society quickly. I would like to say at this point that care should be taken to ensure that the new members of society do not land into the wrong peer group because negative pressure can have detrimental effects on character formation.

Furthermore, in school I have learnt adaptation skills, communication skills, as well as other life skills which are fundamental to our lives. In this aspect, schools play a very important role in transforming children into responsible adults. There were instances when even adults decided to enrol in schools. Many of these adults who choose to go to school later in their lives usually want to fulfil a desire that they may have had as children. There are those lawyers or doctors who choose to enrol for dancing lessons. This could be a result of a childhood dream to become a dancer that was left unfulfilled.

In the case when grownups decide they will go back to school after many years, school plays the role of fulfilling dreams. School, in this aspect, is important because it gives each person room to become anything that he or she wishes to become. For those who for one reason or another were unable to fulfil certain dreams as a child, school gives a chance to make those dreams a reality. There are institutions that are built to attend to the needs of the older learners. Many of these offer evening classes so that older learners could go to class after they have worked all day.

It is at school that civilization begins. It is while at school that people learn to be sociable and to act as civilized human beings. I go to school because education is my only ticket to getting a good job and to making money. I need to get a good job in order to buy food, have water and to afford to pay rent for my house or to buy one. I also need money in order to be able to pay the necessary utility bills such as water and electricity bills. These are things that are very important for daily life. I have met some children who say school is stupid, and I even thought so at some point.

I also believe it is important for us to go to school in order to acquire real skills. These are the skills that are important for one's survival in this world. I am now able to respect myself as a person and to present myself with respect. At school, I have been exposed to the views and opinions of others and to respect them. Also, I have learnt new things and gained more knowledge than I would have if I simply stayed at home. Later on in life, the knowledge I have gathered from the opinions of others will help me decide on the right car to buy when I decide to get one, the right place to live, and I will also be more politically aware in order to vote for the right candidate at the election time (Card, 2002).

It is the education that we, young people in this country get that has allowed the state to run as it does. When I get older I will be able to interact well with people because of education I am receiving now. Even when I commence my career or even get a job, I will be able to climb the corporate ladder only because of the life skills that I am gaining now.

The final reason for going to school, which is kind of obvious, is the fact that children got to school to learn how to read and write. Children also go to school in order to be able to solve mathematical problems, gain an understanding of history, and generally understand events in the world. If a child lacks these simply skills then life would be very difficult, and he or she will not be able to get even very simple tasks done. A person who has not gone to school does not know how to manage his or her finances. Also, an adult who cannot read or write can be very vulnerable. In short, school makes us independent allowing us to get through activities of daily live without depending on other people.


In conclusion, it is important to note that children have the responsibility of going to school just by virtue of being human. All humans have the responsibility of acquiring knowledge and becoming more aware of the norms and values of the community. The world would not have come this far or have developed to this level if it were not for those who went to school before us. It was the knowledge that they acquired while in school that enabled them to invent new machinery, develop new skills and come up with the kind of infrastructure that we enjoy today. Education also fives access for information and data that are useful to be passed on from one generation to the next.

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