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The advancement in technology has increased the use of computers in undertaking various transactions both at the individual and organization level. The knowledge of computer networks and the way a computer works is critical in ensuring effective performance in various operations. Often people have challenges in using computers to undertake various duties. This case is worse when it gets to computer illiterates. Training and increasing awareness is vital in ensuring the proper functioning of computers. This paper analyzes various technical problems connected to the use and application of computers.

Most people lack knowledge regarding protection of programs within their computers. In most of cases, computers are used as storage and processing devices. In this regard, protection of computers from external threats like viruses should be ensured. This will help to keep data safe and available for use in various activities. This requires training on the use of antivirus software. People should also be warned of opening sites from the Internet that are not trusted. This can be taught through demonstration on software installation and how to constantly update the same (, 2012).

Training should also be undertaken in regard to prevention of data loss. Data stored in computers is critical as it serves several purposes. Data stored is essential in undertaking various duties of an individual or a company. People should know how to protect information. This can be achieved by teaching on how to use backups. The backups will facilitate retrieval of the lost information. The users of information need to be made aware of the routine backups to avoid misfortunes (Stoddard, 2012).

The use of passwords is another critical tool that should be encouraged. Passwords protect information and data from access by unauthorized persons. Data and information is maintained for use by relevant users. Training should be offered on the best use of passwords. Users should be encouraged not to use obvious passwords like names. They should be taught on how to construct strong passwords. Training can be done theoretically and does not necessarily require demonstration unless under critical cases.

Users should also be taught how to report computer problems. This will keep the users up to date and in effective operations. Emailing the help desk can be one of the means of reporting a computer problem. This will help users to determine which information is necessary to repudiate a given problem. The use of error messages services and open application services serve to enhance computer problem reporting. Constantly requiring users to apply these services and asking questions in regard to these services will serve to improve training on the use of such services. This ensures prompt solution to any technical problem (Roberts, 2009).

Users should be taught to reboot their computers whenever a technical problem occurs. Rebooting will help preserve anxiety on losing information. It also saves the hustle of looking for a technical expert since some of the problems can be solved through rebooting. Users should be trained on the need to consult experts when problem persist. The training can be enhanced by giving directions.

Information techs should be provided with relevant and complete information. This helps them to solve the problems addressed by the user. Users should be trained on how to give information when seeking assistance from the techs. This can be done by creating awareness on the need for complete information in problem solving.

In conclusion, the knowledge on computer networks is vital. Users should know how to handle computers and ways to address technical problems when they arise. The lessons discussed here serve to impart knowledge regarding the use of computers.

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