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J'accuse,  Burns and Marsalis - or - Kenand Wynton’s Big Lie is written by Mike Zilber and criticizes the documentary film Jazz by Ken Burns. Mike Zilber and Ken Burns both are specialists at their occupations. Ken Burns says that jazz music does not evolve since 1960, and Mike Zilber contrariwise states that jazz music is not dead and it becomes far more professional from year to year. Mike Zilber’s arguments are far more correct.

Mike Zilber is a Canadian jazz musician (saxophonist and composer). He has performed or recorded with well-known modern jazz musicians.

Ken Burns is an American director, producer and cinematographer. He has “the  biggest name in long-form documentary film making” (Erickson, 2010). Ken Burns also was nominated for Oskar. His eleven-hour The Civil War, which earned an Emmy In 2001 he has made a Jazz – documentary miniseries about history of Jazz, which had been later discussed by Mike Zilber in his J'accuse,  Burns and Marsalis - or - Kenand Wynton’s Big Lie.

There is a number of inaccuracies and prejudgments in Ken Burns’ film. Burns says that jazz was born in New-Orleans, but it is not quite correct as nobody knows that for 100%.  Ken Burns’ decision to highlight (1917–1961) and to sight completeness of (1961–2001) is not rightly. The reason why Mike Zilber is so passionate with his views concerning Ken Burns is that the author of Jazz claims that jazz had stopped to evolve the 60th . But it is not right as jazz really evolve and becomes even better and more qualitative than it had been at Luis Armstrong’s times.

Both Mike Zilber and Ken Burns are very competent so they thoughts are worth listening to. Mike Zilber’s point of view is more correct than Ken Burns’. Jazz is still alive and evolves.

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