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Media Type

The media type chosen for this assignment is “music”. Media types are also known as content types. This system classifies the media to identify the files that are available on websites. Media type is very important. For instance, a client computer requests a webpage. Hence, the server gets to know the type of media that the client computer will accept. Some common media types are text, HTML, and JPEG. Moreover, there are some media types related to multi-media content. These media types are video or music. This assignment will focus on “music”. From the perspective of music, media type is a type of music file such as MP3 or MP4 video file. For opening a music file, if the music application registered by default on a computer is Real Player, the music file will be opened through Real Player. Real Player is a media type in this condition. In the music, there are some files which are opened through music application such as AAS, MPA, MP3, CDA, RA, MP4, RV, etc. (Shiflett, 2003).

Factors for choosing

Music is chosen as a media type because it has a certain importance in the communities of computer music. According to Celma (2010), these communities worked to show that the representation of music is at lowest. There is a large gap between the music listeners who relate the music (semantic gap) and descriptors of low-level. This gap is waiting to be bridged. Music is chosen because it has two dimensions. One dimension is input data such as audio, text, and image. Second dimension is the abstraction level. As, music is a multi-media field; therefore, there are some abstraction levels of music in a multi-media field. These levels are basic features (low level), semantic features (mid level), and understanding of human (high level). In short, the above factors are the basis of choosing “music” as a media type.

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