Online Custom Proofreading Service has a unique and truly expert proofreading service, for one very important reason. Our top quality writers also perform our proofreading and editing service. Who better to conduct these activities than the writers who work every day on producing the best academic writing for our customers? They are topic field specialists; they are exceptional writers. Of course, they will also be the best individuals to provide professional proofreading as well!

How our English Proofreading is accomplished?

First, you must understand that essay proofreading involves corrections made errors in language use, grammar, spelling and mechanics. It is not an editing service. Our editing service involves a far more comprehensive review that evaluates the organizational structure, the presentation of content, the coherency and the flow. While editing may suggest content alterations, proofreading focuses only on the actual English composition skills.

When students place orders for proofreading, they provide us their completed works, the courses for which these works have been created, and their academic levels. Just as we do for our custom online essay services, we assign the project to the most qualified writer who is available for the task. We like to have content specialists because they will understand the terminology and vocabulary used, and the process goes faster and smoother. 

The client will not be consulted, as errors in language, grammar, spelling and mechanics will simply be fixed, without altering content. The end result, however, is a final polish that shows you gave the attention to detail that is expected.

Paper and Essay Proofreading – Deadlines and Cost

We ask each student to give us a specific deadline for the completion of our proofreading. Generally, with most essays and papers, this task is accomplished within one day. For longer, more complex writing projects (e.g., theses and dissertations), your Ph.D. consultant will require more time; however, your deadline will be met!

To buy proofreading service at Best-Custom-Essays, students will find that we charge an attractive cheap price, based primarily on the length of the piece. 

During the process of proofreading, it is possible that our expert will find issues that would involve editing. While his/her job is not to provide editing, which alters actual content, s/he may suggest that you enlist the help of editing service as well, for there may be structural issues. The choice, however, is up to you!