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Typically, a thesis is a culminating research project required of students who are candidates for the Masters’ degrees. Work on this project usually begins in the final semester, although many students begin prior to that time because the nature of the project is so intense. For those who are not sure what a Master’s thesis is and may be contemplating a Master’s program, those of us who have produced one in the past can testify to the rigorous amount of research, planning, critical thought, and organization involved, not to mention the actual writing! For those of you in the throes of this project, you have our understanding and, yes, absolute empathy.

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Importance of Your Thesis

Remember, your thesis is a work which must report, analyze, and evaluate the research of others, using primary source material only, and you must be prepared to find gaps or holes in that research, to validate that research, and/or suggest new avenues of research that your own research has informed. In general, you are expected to contribute to the body of knowledge in your field through your analysis and evaluation of others’ research. This is a significant responsibility and, when you need professional assistance, with any section, your personal consultant can bring his/her expertise and knowledge to bear. Even if you are struggling, at the beginning, with the refinement of your research question and your thesis proposal, your consultant is ready to help!

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