ode on a grecian urn
Analysis of Keats “Ode on a Grecian Urn”

According to John Keats’s poem “Ode on a Grecian Urn”, the speaker tries to bring about a myriad of themes and motives in the poem. In this perspective, John Keats reflects on how death can be inevitable and expresses different views of beauty.

The Great Gatsby Literary Analysis
The Great Gatsby Literary Analysis

The descriptions of the individual characters and the setting portray moral judgments and the ethics in the American society. The descriptions of the eggs, “Valley of ashes”, the Buchanans and Gatsby, all convey what can be said to be the judgments as well as the conclusion that the upper class in this society are empty, shallow and hollow, which leads to them lacking ethics and morality. On the basis of this derivation, it can be seen that the ‘American dream’ caused the citizens of America to fail due to the sense that they have become more obsessed with the material aspects of the American dream, as opposed to the inclusion of other factors that are equally important, i.e.the spiritual aspects.

Literary Interpretation
Literary Interpretation The poem by Jane Wheeler “Poem for an Inked Daughter”

The poem by Jane Wheeler “Poem for an Inked Daughter” is an example of a blank verse. It consists from 3 little parts and 30 lines. Dividing them into the parts, it could be seen that there are the beginning, exposition, and ending. The main characters in “Poem for an Inked Daughter” are women.

Literary Comparison
Literary Comparison: Jane Austin’s “Pride & Prejudice” and George Sand’s “Indiana”

Jane Austin’s “Pride & Prejudice” and George Sand’s “Indiana” referred to one of the most significant works in literature whose authors made a crucial contribution on female literature movement. In these works, the authors use some similar literature techniques. Usually authors use different literature devices such as theme, tone, irony, pathos, plot devices and so on.

Oscar Wild
Literary Analysis: The Nightingale and the Rose

Oscar Wilde is one of the most tragic and outstanding figures in the history of English literature. During the eighties, he created a cycle of tales. Pictorial, poetic forms combine in these tales with a serious humanistic content. Wilde seeks to find out what is essential to people - good or beauty.


The story I have read is mainly about a woman, namely Delia who has happened to be the wife of a strict and tough man, Sykes, who has never missed the opportunity to beat her. Instead of being responsible for family he created, Sykes spent all his money on his own needs and entertainments.